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Payroll Consultancy Servıces

Payroll management is perhaps one of the most sensitive issues in the human resources management of companies. Due to frequently changing regulations and the risks involved, companies are shifting to payroll consulting services by outsourcing.
In today's competitive conditions, TalentPayroll clients reduce operational costs To control them better and convert fixed costs into variable costs.
The main advantages of companies that prefer outsourcing;

  • They can focus on their main operational activity.
  • The outsourced process quality steadily improves.
  • The company transfer their main activity to.
  • Minimized labour and tax law risks.

TalentPayroll’s elements of outsourced payroll service

  • In accordance with legal obligations and the company's HR policies, payrolls are issued, printed and sent to the client firms for distribution to employees.
  • To enable payments preparetion of payrolls in .xml.
  • Payroll summary is transferred to accounting for accounting standards compliant record.
  • Employees' activation in Social Security Institution System is made online through Inka HRM by TalentPayroll.
  • Following calculation of severance and notice payments the necessary payments to employees are done.
  • The notification for dismissal of employees are made by Talentpayroll through integration of INKA HRM to SSI website.
  • Preparation of cumulative tax base calculation during employee dismissal
  • Monthly SSI premium declarations are prepared by TalentPayroll through INKA HMR integration to SSI Systems (e-declaration) and accrued.
  • Monthly Workforce Schedules are prepared and made online by TalentPayroll.
  • SSI absence days Notification Forms are prepared and delivered to the companies for approval signature.
  • Employees' minimum subsistence allowance accounts are calculated, listed and transferred to payrolls at the end of each month.
  • At the end of each year, severance pay provisions for the client firms is calculated.
  • Any type of report requested in details, such as advance payments, employee debts and the total salary cost of the employer, is calculated per employee.
  • Employee’s personel information and managerial control of HR information can be reached via INKA Mobile Applications.

Consultancy Servıce

As TalentPayroll, we provide consultancy services for all the processes you will experience in the field of employee employer relations and in the field of Social Security. Within the scope of this service, for our customers we are available 7/24 , and they can receive support in clients’ location.

The scope of consultancy services

  • Employee/Employer Relations
  • SSI Legislation and Incentives
  • Wage Income and Tax legislation

The scope of SSI consultancy

55510 Social Security and General Health Insura nce Law, social security secondary legislation and Social Security Institution (SGK) applications, the opinions on any subject requested by our client firms, are answered immediately by quick and result-oriented, written and verbal notifications,
Monitoring the legislative changes that may affect the company practices and transmitting them to the company in written and plain language,
If requested by our client, legal issues about any occupational accidents, diseases and legal procedures are tracked with maximum care,
Informing about the procedures to be carried out in the process of opening new workplace, type changings, merger and closing of the workplace,
Notifying all employees of SSI, determining the insurance status of these persons,
Sigortalıların prim gün sayıları, prime esas kazançları toplamı, kısmen ya da tamamen prim matrahına ilave edilmeyen kazançları, aylık prim ve hizmet belgesinin hazırlanması ve kanun türünün belirlenmesi konularında bilgilendirme yapılması,
General information about SSI premium incentives.

Labor Support Servıce

TalentPayroll is ready to help you with your own staff for all the business areas that you intend to receive outside support such as help and technological work. Within the scope of this service, we employ the employees you plan to employ and employ them as your subcontractor in a completely legal status.

Human Resource Management Systems

When you choose Talent Payroll, you have been able to use the modules of TalentSys INKA.Net and INKA Mobil software which have been produced only in Human Resources software for 29 years.

HR Software modules that you will have with the TalentPayroll Service;

Core HR

Module which is used to define company and organisation structure, record detailed employee information, reporting and analytics. All employee matters are managed in Core module. Employee movements and organisational changes are recorded and historic data can be reported.
With standard reports such as organisational report, employee list, turnover report built in, flexible reporting module is provided for HR users to create specific reports. Historical organisational data can be reported and managers can view their organisations based on the authorization.
Headcount plan and tracking can be managed and reported.

INKA Payroll

Module used to manage payroll and mandatory activities in line with local regulations. Payroll module is compeletely web based.
Payroll module with it’s flexible structure,

  • Calculate gross and net payroll.
  • Can run multiple payrolls by period for each employee.
  • Enables payroll professionals to define multiple compensation elements and allowances.
  • Can calculate seniority and termination payments.
  • Helps payroll professionals to transfer data to social security institution and banks.
  • Helps payroll professionals to track all government incentives with automatic updates.
  • Does all the reporting online.
  • Can be integrated with all accounting applications
  • Can be integrated with 3rd party time management and point systems.

INKA Self Service

Employees and managers,

  • Can view their and their direct report’s information and update information based on the authorization set by HR.
  • Can manage workflows such as time management, travel management, learning management etc.
  • Can request and download documents.
  • View their payroll sheets.
  • Can view their debit status

Self service module helps HR to communicate people and talent manegement processes with employees and line managers. HR professionals can spend their time on strategic issues by sharing the responsibility of people and talent related issues with employees and line managers and increase efficiency.

INKA Document

It is the module where the employees can access and update the documents in the personal files due to authorization granted. The HR Managers can easily perform the document management by performing missing document checks. Enables employees to obtain other documents they need by system.

INKA Overtime

It is the module where overtime system is managed and approval processes are carried out within the framework of Labor Law.

INKA Org Chart

According to the defined organizational structure and positions, the current and date based organization chart can be taken in detail. Administrators can view their organization based on the defined reporting level.
Norm staff planning can be made on a period basis and a comparison is possible with the actual situation.

INKA Permission Management

It is the module in which permission management is carried out due to 4857 Labour Law or in accordance with the rules set by the enterprise. Staff who hasn’t been given permission to leave at same time for holiday, the definition of time management can integrate with your calendar program.

İK Cockpit

It displays the data prepared from the company's entire database and gives you exactly the information you need. It provides an individual overview of the information by transferring the randomly selected information from the database.

INKA Address Management

It is the module where the transportation planning can be made according to the address information of the employees in the companies with Store / Branch structure.

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