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Although SGK accepts applications for registration of the workplace via internet, you must send the necessary documents by hand or mail to the related directorate. You can find explanatory information by CLICKING HERE.
Do I need to make deductions according to individual pension plan from workers wages, when they are transferred between two sites of our company.
Notifying SSI is enough. There is also no need for Iskur. For the tax office, it is of course necessary to make a declaration for each opened construction site.
If the employee is not allowed to work for 2 hours a day during the period of notice, 100% increase per hour has to be paid.
In case of not coming to work and not to inform the employer according to Labor Law No. 4857 25 / II. based on the right to terminate with the regulation brought by the Labor Law, it is necessary to demand defense from the required worker. If the defense is not based on a valid excuse, the termination may be terminated. If the employee does not come to the workplace, it will be necessary to send a notice of cancellation by notary channel.
It is a legal obligation to pay employee wages through the bank. The bank account can be either a personal account of the employee or an account on behalf of the employee through your company and the fee may be deposited into this account.
All documents that must be in the personal file of a staff (job application form, job entry declaration, medical report, etc.) must be in the construction company. In other words, construction sector has no difference from other sectors. . However, since the construction sector is a record-breaking sector in occupational accidents, and it is in a very unsafe class, especially the results of the work health report and all the tests to be performed and the signed documents of the Occupational Safety Training given to the worker should be included in the file. In addition, the security records of the work safety materials should be included in the file again. According to your other question, it is a legal obligation to give the employee a payroll every month. There is an administrative fine not to issue this document. The proof of the granting of a copy of the worker's signature is in the file.
In fact due to SS legislation one month is considered as 30 days regarding to terms of premium payment. However, there is an exception in February. If there is a missing day of the employee in this month, it should be deducted from the 28 days and notice day information should be made. For example, a worker who does not come to work for 1 day in February will receive a 27-day premium. Unless you are are not talking about absence days in your question, in this case the worker's notification of the day will be 30 , with 2 days paid permission
In case of sickness and sickness permissions up to 1 week, the employee must be paid the weekend holiday. The law has made arrangements for this matter. However, the law on public holidays are not stated clearly. In practice, the rest of the worker's general holiday (public holiday) is usually not paid under a sickness leave condition of 1 month.
You can pay this engineers’ wage at one workplace (if the workplaces’ hazard degree is not different), there are no need for two different register.
In this case, the employer can the terminate the agreement. If this personnel does not come to work without informing the employer, a termination through notary notice is possible.
Yes it can be considered. Labour Law Article 25 orders right of immediate termination of the employer on justified grounds. The employer may terminate the fixed-termed or permanent labour contract, before the expiry of its period or without waiting for the notification period, in the cases mentioned in Paragraph II. Paragraph II regulates cases contradicting the rules of ethic and goodwill and similar cases. No compensation shall be paid for any termination made on these grounds. Severance pay is paid in such termination.
A written warning may be given and the exit procedure may be applied after the defense has been received.
We call such termination applicable termination arising from the workplace. You can name this as the reason on the dismissal notice. (Article 18 of our labor law)
The report is related to the health status of the worker. Therefore, time limitation can be considered as not important But the employer may terminate the employee's employment contract on the basis of health reasons. If the duration of the notice exceeds 6 weeks to be determined according to the employee's seniority at the workplace, the employer may terminate the employment contract by paying the employer's compensation.
The cost of the wage to the employer is found by adding SSI and unemployment insurance employer share over the gross wage. Based on your question, we exemplify; Since the current minimum wage is 1.777.50 gross, we will receive 22.5% of this amount (20% SGK + 2% unemployment premium) 399.94 we will add this amount to the gross wage. 1777,50 + 399,94 = 2,177,44 the cost of the minimum wage to the employer Note: 5-point treasury discount is not deducted.
The time-out period for the notice payment is 10 years. In other words, it is possible to seek a right and filing a claim for a period of 10 years from the date of resignation. Claims related to the subject can be filed in labor courts. According to the outcome of the case, the costs are charged to the loser. Late registration to SSI of the worker is subject to a penalty of minimum wage. The payment delay penalty in SSI premiums is 10% per month.

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